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Steve has been an avid flyfisher for well over 40 years catching his first Trout on fly in Ireland in 1968, his first trout ever came a few years earlier than that from the River Wharfe at Otley on a "Garden Olive", better known as a worm! He was fortunate in having a father who was a keen fly fisherman and was well taught at an early age.

Now running Go Fly Fishing UK in the north of England Steve spends around 150 days out teaching or guiding Go Fly Fishing UK clients on the superb rivers and stillwaters in the Yorkshire Dales. Located in Coniston Cold near Skipton means he is living on the job and therefore has up to date information on river conditions etc. His passion is for fast water upstream nymph fishing on the rivers and traditional short line Loch Style fishing from a boat on stillwaters. He is a fully qualified and licenced fly fishing instructor and an Orvis Endorsed fly fishing guide.

Steve has a relaxed but very successful way of teaching and has received many compliments from clients regarding his approach, he believes in getting the messages across to them in a light hearted but effective way. 

In addition to trout fishing Steve has had a life long passion for Grayling and Grayling fishing and for a number of years he was Chairman of the Grayling Society and is now their Yorkshire Area Secretary.

Steve been featured a number of times in the 'Trout and Salmon' magazine.

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