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Biosecurity for Anglers

Biosecurity is becoming an ever increasing threat to all our waterways and as anglers we should take this problem very seriously. We at Go Fly Fishing UK do and respectfully ask our clients to ensure that their waders, boots and nets are cleaned, washed and thoroughly dried before taking their day with us and additionally to cooperate with any request from their instructor or guide in this regard

Here is a list of recommendations for you to consider that will help prevent you (or your clients) unintentionally transferring invasive non-native species between water courses that can, and do, devastate fisheries.

Signal Crayfish

Signal Crayfish Claw

Stop the spread - Check, Clean, Dry

Anglers, like most groups, hate change but we must do so and lead by example if we are to protect our much loved sport and the waters on which you earn your living.

Hopefully, with time, biosecurity will just become part of the culture and be as common place as washing your hands before handling food or putting on a seat belt before driving.

Think carefully on what you can do, and lead by example. Doing nothing is not an option.

Biosecurity Video - Prevent the spread of invasive species

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