Fly Casting Lessons

Fly Casting Lessons

Improvers and Advanced - Trout and Salmon

In many parts of the country we have AAPGAI qualified instructors who can take you to the next level in fly casting capability. The members of the Association of Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructors have reached the very highest level of fly casting technical expertise and perfection. They can help you to learn new fly casting techniques and can coach you in overcoming any self-taught bad casting habits that you may have picked up, enabling you to get the most from your future fly fishing opportunities.

Specifically the casts that our instructors teach include:

To help with your fishing we also provide coaching in fly casting in different wind conditions and over both shoulders.

Salmon Spey casting lessons

Taking a trip to Scotland, Iceland, Russia, etc. and want to ensure you arrive there fully prepared? Our Salmon Spey casting instructors can help you to polish your casting technique ahead of your trip and also drop in a few fishing tips along the way.


Normally our fly casting lessons are of one or two hours duration and costs are in line with other professional coach's fees and no more than you would pay for tennis or golf coaching. Contact us for a quotation.

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