Guided Fly Fishing on the River Wharfe

Fly Fishing Guides

Why use a fly fishing guide?

A fly fishing guide is not only there to put you onto fish but they are also able to pass on their very considerable fly fishing knowledge to you. A day with a good fly fishing guide will without doubt help improve your fly fishing skills, techniques, your casting and very importantly your confidence.

A good fly fishing guide will not only be a fully qualified fly casting and fly fishing instructor but will have an all consuming passion for rivers, lakes, fish, beautiful countryside, wildlife and of course fly fishing. Most importantly they will possess the all essential communication skills required to pass information across in an effective, efficient and light hearted manner leaving their client totally enthralled and at ease.

Go Fly Fishing UK guides

All Go Fly Fishing UK fly fishing guides fulfil these requirements and most importantly the vast majority are full time fly fishing guides making most or all of their living from guided fly fishing and teaching beginners, they therefore must excel at what they do, they and we are reliant on their reputation and repeat business. Our fly fishing guides are out with clients on the majority of days throughout the Trout season and therefore have up to date and first hand knowledge of the best places to fish and what methods and flies are most likely to be successful.

At Go Fly Fishing UK we believe our fly fishing guides are the very best available in the locations they cover, we know them all personally and we have 100% confidence that a guided day with them will be a day to remember. We hear many horror stories about fly fishing guides breaking fishery rules, taking clients to places they haven't permission to fish and fishing without the relevant licences/day tickets and more, why take the risk?

What our fly fishing guides provide

Amongst many other things the services provided by our fly fishing guides include:


A full day with one of our fly fishing guides starts from as little as £189 depending on the time of year, location and number of people fishing. Our specific quotation will include the cost of the fly fishing guide, the fishing ticket, loan of any equipment including tackle, waders flies etc. and collection/return from/to a local accommodation or railway station. Please contact us for a specific quotation for a day with one of our fly fishing guides in your preferred location and date.

To book one of our fly fishing guides or for more information please telephone 01756 748378 (north of England, Wales, Devon or Scotland) or 07899 034728 (south of England, excluding Devon) or email us at

Environment Agency Rod Licence

An Environment Agency rod licence is a legal requirement in England and Wales, it's the responsibility of the individual/s booking a guided day with us to provide their own, these are available from and Post Office or online via the Environment Agency website.

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