Grayling Trotting

Long Trotting for Grayling

Long trotting is a traditional, skilful, mobile and very effective way of fishing for Grayling, especially during the winter months. Originally used in the north of England and especially on the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales, long trotting for Grayling is now practiced on many rivers throughout the UK, including some of the chalkstreams in the south of England. Many leading fly fishers of the past were enthusiastic Grayling trotters, including Reg Righyni and Arthur Oglesby.

Grayling Trotting

Long trotting is practiced using a 12 to 14 foot float fishing rod with a very free running centre pin reel, float and a worm or maggot as bait. Like all fishing methods there is much more to it than meets the eye. The correct tackle is essential, especially the reel, and the casting techniques, in particular the “Wallis” cast, take some mastering. It is very effective, often much more so than fly fishing, at least during the colder months, and much more pleasant than deep wading in cold water Czech nymph fishing. It is a great way to extend your fishing season through the winter and with minimal tackle and a mobile approach is not all that dissimilar to a day out fly fishing.

Steve Rhodes and Dave Martin the proprietors of Go Fly Fishing UK have between them more than 80 years of long trotting experience for Grayling and many of our guides in other areas have a similar amount of experience. There is no better way to learn the art of long trotting than through Go Fly Fishing UK.

Go Fly Fishing UK can offer long trotting tuition or guided days in the Yorkshire Dales, Lancashire, Wales, the Lake District, Derbyshire and on the chalkstreams in Hampshire and Wiltshire.


A full day’s long trotting for Grayling for one person costs between £169 and £229 depending on the time of year and the water being fished. For two or more people the cost per person is considerably lower, please call or email us for an exact quotation.

What to expect

Grayling long trotting is usually practiced once the Brown Trout season has finished and at many locations it is allowed from 1st October through to 14th March.

Your day will cover tackle, bait, multi loop and Wallis casting, tackle set up and relevant long trotting techniques and additionally watercraft, Grayling location and habits. All the equipment is supplied and after your day you should be more than confident enough to go out long trotting on your own. Practiced correctly and with the right tackle the art of long trotting is highly skilful and is a wonderful way of continuing to fish effectively for the “Lady of the Stream” throughout the winter months. Give it a go!

To book your Grayling long trotting day or for more information please telephone 07899 034728 (south of England, excluding Devon) or 01756 748378 (north of England, Devon, Wales or Scotland) or email us at

The Grayling Society

The Grayling Society is an international organisation with more than 1000 members promoting “Awareness, Conservation and Angling for Grayling. We would urge you to consider joining The Grayling Society by visiting their website or by contacting Mike Tebbs, membership secretary on 01985 841192 or email him at

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