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Fly Fishing Seasons - When To Visit

The main UK Brown Trout fly fishing season runs from late-March through to early-October. There are local variations and definite best times for most waters. And we catch lots of Brown Trout in the October to mid-March autumn/winter season while we are targeting the Grayling.

The availability of excellent Grayling river fishing and stocked Rainbow Trout lake fishing means that very good fly fishing is available all year round in most parts of the UK.

On the Hampshire Chalk Streams you can catch fish on a dry fly most days even in the middle of winter. While the late-April to late-June spring season brings top class dry fly fishing so does the late-September to late-November autumn season.

Throughout the UK the best fly hatches tend to be in the spring and the autumn but very good fly fishing options are available in the UK no matter how warm or cold the weather. If the flies are not hatching then fishing nymphs will usually bring good sport.

Once you have decided which part of the UK you would like to visit to fly fish, drop us an email or give us a call and we will advise you of the very best times of the year to visit to have the best chance of good sport with your chosen quarry.

We will also advise on the right tackle to bring with you (or we can loan it to you) and even on the fly patterns for you to tie up in advance of your visit.

To book with Go Fly Fishing UK or to ask for more information please telephone 01252 851397 or email us at

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