Happy Clients

Happy Clients

Paul Schroeder, Middlesex - UK

Fly fishing tuition day, Frensham Trout Fishery, Surrey - March

"Dave, Thank you again for a wonderful day – beautiful location, patient teaching and plenty of fish. A wonderful sport and a great day. I better not kid myself that every day is like yesterday!"

Reid and Ty Litchfield, Las Vegas - USA

Guided fly fishing day, River Test, Hampshire - February

"Dave, I just wanted to send a note and tell you how much we enjoyed our day on the River Test. It was fantastic. I’m sending a few pictures of the day’s exploits. I hope to make a return trip some time with my other son. Thanks again. Reid"

Andy Pepper, Hull - UK

Fly fishing tuition day, Beaver Dyke Reservoir, Yorkshire Dales - April

"Hi Steve, I would like to thank you very much for a great day fly fishing. As a complete beginner I feel the knowledge you passed on to me and the great informal tuition technique were second to none, with the added bonus of having a laugh and catching fish I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

Mike Warne, Surrey - UK

Guided fly fishing day, River Test, Hampshire - March

"Hi Dave, I just wanted to say that Mike really enjoyed his day’s fishing with you last week. He couldn’t stop talking about it and seemed very excited by what he had caught. Thanks very much. Alison "

Thomas and Hanno Grossmann - Germany

Guided fly fishing day's River Aire and River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales - July

"Dear Steve, Thank you for being such an excellent, friendly and patient guide!, you really showed us the way to success!"

Robert White, London - UK

Fly fishing tuition day, River Test, Hampshire - March

"Dear Dave, Just a quick note to thank you for a great day. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was pleased, of course, that I caught some fish. Thank you again and I look forward to another day with you before too long. Kind regards, Robert"

Nick Tither, Harrogate - UK

Guided fly fishing day River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales - September

"Hi Steve, A late note of thanks for the day out last month. I feel I learnt a huge amount which I am sure will be useful to me wherever I go fishing. I certainly enjoyed myself."

William and Richard Bagnall, Surrey - UK

Guided fly fishing day, River Test, Hampshire - March

"Hi Dave, Thanks again for guiding us so expertly and patiently through our day on the Test. Richard and I met up again yesterday and reflected on how much we had enjoyed it – and learnt a lot as well! With best wishes. William"

Terry Snape, Pickering - UK

Fly fishing tuition day River Aire, Yorkshire Dales - August

"Hi Steve, Thank you for an excellent day today. My progress may have seemed to you to be slow but I know that I learned a great deal and enjoyed every minute of it."

Michael Short & Peter Measey, Berkshire - UK

Guided fly fishing day, River Test, Hampshire - February

"Dear Dave, Thanks again for a wonderful day and for sending through the pictures. We always enjoy the day and we were naturally delighted to have such an excellent day for us and you of many bent rods. Pete and I think we had around 20-22 fish between us amongst which were the fantastic grayling. Once again thanks for your patience and teaching, knowledge and river craft, flies and tippet, this all culminates for us in a great annual event. Best wishes. Michael"

Frank Barr - UK

Fly fishing tuition day Coniston Hall Lake, Yorkshire Dales - July

"Dear Steve, Thanks for an excellent day last Sunday. We all had a wonderful time and Dad catching three fish was the icing on the cake."

Alan Kittermaster, Portsmouth, Hampshire - UK

Fly fishing tuition day, Meon Springs, Hampshire - March

"Dave, Many thanks for a brilliant day yesterday; if you could send me the photos by email that would be great. very best wishes. Alan"

John & Val Easterbrook, Driffield - UK

Guided fly fishing day River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales - June

"Dear Stephen, We both had a good days fishing. My only real objective was that Val enjoyed the day which she certainly did. She was delighted that she had coped with, what was for her, a very different fishing environment, and even caught fish."

Matt & Chloe Taylor, London - UK

Fly fishing tuition half-day, River Test, Hampshire - February

"Dave, Many thanks for the lesson on Sunday. Both Chloe and I had a fantastic morning and really enjoyed our time with you on the river. I’ve passed your details onto a few friends and hopefully they’ll be in contact. Many thanks again for your time. Kind regards, Matt"

Roger Moon - UK

Guided fly fishing day River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales - July

"Hi Steve, Just a quick line to say many thanks for your company last Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the methods of fishing you showed me was well worth the fee on it's own. Next year Steve, I plan to come back up and hope to have a couple of days with you!"

Richard Earl, Bristol - UK

Fly fishing tuition day, River Test, Hampshire - January

"David, This is a short message to thank you for the excellent day out on Saturday. I have wanted to have a go at fly fishing for many years and I will now be buying some gear in order that I can get out more often. I have attached a photo taken on the day which maybe of interest to you - It was to me as it was my PB grayling! Thanks again for making the day a special one. Best regards, Richard"

Peter Borden - USA

Guided fly fishing day River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales - May

"Steve, I'd like to thank you for a most excellent day of fishing on the River Wharfe. I learned a great deal that day, as well as enjoying myself immensely."

Nigel McCallister, Majorca

Guided fly fishing days, River Itchen and River Test, Hampshire - November

"Dear Dave, Just a few lines to say thank you for your superb instruction and advice during the three days I spent with you on the Test and Itchen recently. I learned a huge amount and hope I have more time to put it into practice! Hope to be back soon, Best regards. Nigel"

Rob Bannister, Driffield - UK

Guided fly fishing day River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales - May

"Steve, Just a note to say I really enjoyed the day with you on the river. It has done the trick in encouraging me to go fishing more often."

Stewart Roberts, Camberley - UK

River Test guided day – January

"Despite Gale Force Winds, Torrential Rainfall and a pair of River Test novices you managed to deliver a wonderful day yesterday. The first ever Grayling for both myself and my friend, (and also our 2nd & 3rd each)! My five largest ever Brown Trout - all two pounds or more! My first dry fly catch on a chalk stream! Thanks very much for your patience, coaching and assistance - thoroughly recommended. We hope to visit you and the wonderful River Test again soon."

Graham Wishart, Camberley - UK

Guided fly fishing day River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales - May

"Steve, Just a quick note to thank you for a very memorable day on Monday. It was an unforgettable experience and I learned a great deal."

Ben Bienvenu - USA

Two River Test guided days – September/October

"The trip was wonderful. Thanks again. I can't wait until the next time I get to fish in England."

Richard Lewis, Chester - UK

Fly fishing tuition day River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales - April

"Steve, Thanks for a great day on Saturday, we both really enjoyed it and it was a great start to our fly fishing endeavours. Really good balance between tuition and real fishing and a great location."

Aubrey & Craig Price, London

Fly fishing tuition day, Frensham Trout Fishery – October

"Thank you again for an incredible day, we really couldn't have asked for more fun or a better guide, and I'm pretty sure the bug has now bitten for both of us in a serious way (if you'll pardon the weak pun)."

Andrew Bradley - Shulmans Solicitors, Leeds - UK

Corporate fly fishing day in the Yorkshire Dales – October

"Thank you for your attention on the day. We and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the day and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others and using your services again in the future! "

Simon Stock, Watford - UK

River Test guided Grayling fly fishing day – November

"Thanks for a fantastic days fishing. I will be in touch in a couple of weeks to go again."

Thornton-Firkin, Chartered Surveyors, Lincoln – UK

group of happy fly fishers

Yorkshire Dales team-building fly fishing tuition day for 14 people – September

"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and the experience of fly fishing. The enthusiasm and organisation of you and your team, your attitude and attention to detail all contributed to making the event successful and extremely enjoyable."

Steve Norman - UK

Cotswolds fly fishing tuition day – Autumn

"Thank you for a superb day on the beautiful River Coln. I am now completely fascinated with the art of fly fishing. I am extremely grateful for your patience and understanding of someone who was trying to throw the fly up river as if it were a cricket ball (especially when the Grayling were rising). I learnt so much during the day not only from the breadth of your knowledge and excellent tuition but also from my own mistakes. Am I miffed that it was Linda who caught the big fish? Only very slightly – it will take many dinner parties for our friends to allow me to forget."

Russell Thomas, London - UK

River Test guided Grayling fly fishing day – November

"Dave thanks so much for yesterday I had such a great day's fishing. That should keep me going for a few weeks. Amazing what a day by the river can do for your soul - yours must be so pure I can't quite believe you don't walk on water."

Jim Maben, Encino, California - USA

Yorkshire Dales guided fly fishing holidays – May and May

Jim and Derek enjoyed their visit to the Dales in 2004 so much that they returned in 2005 and again in 2006.

Keith Mathews, New York - USA

Keith Mathews

Three guided days on the Hampshire chalkstream rivers Test and Kennet and the Cotswolds River Coln – May

Quote taken from ‘The Angling Report’ www.AnglingReport.com, October 2005 edition. "Once again, Dave Martin of Go Fly Fishing UK did a superb job in making it possible for me to have a memorable fishing experience. His rate is very reasonable, he is also a good companion and he is very knowledgeable about fishing anywhere in the UK."

Niles Jennett, Arizona - USA

River Test guided fly fishing day – 29th July

"We are safely back in the states after having a wonderful time especially on the river Test. I truly enjoyed the time on the river with you and appreciated your expert guiding. If you are ever in Arizona please let me know and I can show you some southwest mountain streams and lakes."

Paul Ashall, Harrogate - UK

Tuition day Coniston Hall Lake - Yorkshire Dales

"Thought I'd drop you a quick email just to say what an immensely enjoyable day I had. The fishing, the company and the conversation were all top rate and ending the day with a couple of wild brownies made it near perfect. Hopefully I'll see you again, maybe some time next year for a bit of river tuition. Thanks again. You are a top, top bloke !"

James Peterson, London - UK

River Test guided fly fishing day – 28th July

"Thank you a for an excellent day on friday - both the beat and your expertise made for a memorable day."

Nigel Aston and friends/colleagues, London – UK

more happy anglers

Eleven guided days on the rivers Test, Kennet, Wylye and Coln and Frensham Trout Fishery – September to November

"Thanks once more for a great day on Tuesday. Nick, Pete and myself thoroughly enjoyed our time at Frensham and we are the envy of our colleagues." and "Good picture and a great day – I know Adam really enjoyed it too." (see picture) and "A great day and thoroughly enjoyed by Nick and Adam too."

Nigel and Adam are pictured with two nice River Kennet Trout caught from the same pool.

Chris Murray, Norfolk - UK

Three guided days - Yorkshire Dales

"Just a note to thank you so much for the great three days fishing. I enjoyed every minute and the lovely fish were a bonus. I hope we will come next year as well and that Heather will come too, so we can all have dinner together, Barbara included of course. Thanks again for your company and guidance, and hope you have a successful and enjoyable Summer."

Chris has already booked again for the next year.

Stuart Pettifor, Stokesley - UK

Tuition day - Coniston Hall Lake - Yorkshire Dales

"Many thanks once again for a wonderful day on Thursday. I really enjoyed your conpany and the relaxed way you have of making sure I did the right things, or at least tried to. Many thanks for the good advice. After my wife's flight in the aircraft simulator we went to the Orvis shop and got kitted up. I've no excuse now !! Look forward to seeing you on the river in July. Incidentally the fish taste superb."

Hazel Mrozek, Rawtenstall - UK

Bernard's tuition day - Coniston Hall Lake - Yorkshire Dales

"Thank you so much. He had an excellent day. Think it is the best present he has ever had."

Sarah Grice - UK

Wedding present for Roger and Jean Wannell - Yorkshire Dales

"Thank you for giving them such a wonderful day, they told me they had a wonderful time, and it was the best wedding present ever. So between us we made two newly weds very happy !!!!"

Martin Passey, Manchester - UK

Guided day River Wharfe - Yorkshire Dales

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you once again for such a wonderful day out on the Wharfe last Tuesday. To have an expert talk me through the different methods and techniques was so helpful. I now find myself mentally rehearsing my upstream nymphing skills when stuck in traffic jams on the M60. It was a truly memorable experience and one that left me wondering why I had never tried river fishing before, I certainly plan to give it another go !"

Yoshi Shibatani, Kyoto-City - Japan

Guided day River Wharfe - Yorkshire Dales

" Thank you very much for your guiding at the River Wharfe. I enjoyed not only the fishing but also the scenery of English countryside and the conversation with you. I have learned lots of techniques from you. Especially the down-cross casting with the spider-fly was a new experience for me and it was a lot of fun. I will definitely practice spider-fly fishing in Japan. Steve, thank you once again for your kind hospitality."

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